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Climate Services
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Climate Services, founded end 2006, provides knowledge and information on past, current and future climate. Effects of climate change are relevant for public safety, economy, transport and environment.

Tailored climate information supports decisions of professional users and governmental organisations. Relevant climate variables are changes of wind, precipitation, temperature, sea level and their extremes.

Scientific research and communication on climate data and on climate model runs provides understanding of climate change. Strategic research is embedded in international programs and networks. The division has lead authors in IPCC and acts as the Dutch IPCC-focal point.

Main activities of Climate Services focus on past, present end future:

  • Climate observations and monitoring
  • Archive for national observations
  • WMO- Regional climate centre for Europe and Middle East
  • Reconstruction of high-resolution data
  • Climate scenarios for the Netherlands
  • Tailoring climate information and climate scenarios
  • Communicaton on climate and climate change
  • Supporting climate research and governmental decisions